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Outreach Ministries

St. Tikhon of Moscow Orthodox church

St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund

Our sponsored student Emmanuel

The Saint Nicholas Uganda Children’s Fund was founded in 2005 by Peter and Sharon Georges. They began paying school tuition for three orphans while they were working as Orthodox missionaries in 2003 and within two years the number of children they assisted had grown to more than fifty. Now in its sixteenth year, the Children’s Fund supports over 250 children in school and provides additional assistance to needy families.

St. Tikhon of Moscow Orthodox church

Priest in Kenya

Support a Mission Priest (SAMP) is a program of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) which offers monthly financial assistance to indigenous priests in extremely poor areas around the world. Through SAMP donations, priests are able to apply themselves more fully to the needs of the parish and hierarchs are able to ordain more clergy to meet the growing needs of their flock.  By participating in this program our parish provides assistance to a married Kenyan priest of the Maasai tribe, Fr. Titos, a young, hardworking and humble priest.

Fr. Titos

St. Tikhon of Moscow Orthodox church

Orphanage in Russia

Metropolitan loann blesses a child

In 2004, parishioners of Saint Tikhon Orthodox Church expressed an interest in supporting an orphanage in Russia. A very special orphanage was chosen in Ioshkar-Ola about 600 miles from Moscow. Since that time financial assistance is provided every year to support the children. This ministry is provided in partnership with the Metropolitanate of Mari El with the blessing and support of Metropolitan Ioann.